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Our Journey - FoodTiger

Welcome to the captivating chronicle of Food Tiger – a food delivery company that has etched its mark on the culinary landscape, redefining the way you experience dining. Embark on a journey through time as we unveil the remarkable story behind our rise to become your trusted culinary companion.

In 2014, a group of passionate food enthusiasts and tech pioneers came together to craft something extraordinary – Food Tiger. Inspired by the desire to redefine the way you experience food delivery, our founders embarked on a mission to create a platform that would seamlessly connect you with the finest cuisines and flavors.

Our humble beginnings saw us forging partnerships with local eateries, curating a menu that catered to every craving. The launch of our user-friendly app and website marked a turning point, as we introduced you to a digital playground where culinary exploration was at your fingertips. From the comfort of your home, you could browse menus, customize orders, and eagerly anticipate the arrival of your chosen delights.


With every order, Food Tiger transcended mere delivery – we became purveyors of joy, orchestrating a symphony of comfort and taste. Real-time order tracking, contactless deliveries, and attentive customer support became our tools for ensuring that every experience was not just about food, but about creating cherished memories.

Food Tiger's unwavering support for local restaurants breathed life into neighborhoods, as we championed the diverse flavors that define your culture.

Today, Food Tiger stands as a symbol of culinary innovation and convenience. Our story is still being written, fueled by the passion to enhance your dining experiences. As we march forward, we're committed to embracing technology, nurturing partnerships, and ensuring that every delivery bears the mark of Food Tiger's quality.

Join us as we celebrate the chapters of our history that have shaped us into a leading force in the food delivery landscape. Our journey is a testament to our dedication to delivering more than just food – we deliver the taste of happiness, the aroma of togetherness, and the promise of delightful moments.

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